Prayerise, Picturise and Actualise

Today I was reading one book “Power Of Positive Thinking” and I come across a chapter “Prayers”.

The power of prayers was expressed in an very unique and experimental way.

  • Prayerise : Talk to God in a very clear and simple way. Believe that he is around you. Tell him everything. Ask him whatever you want.
  • Picturise : Picturise what you want. Visualization of things which you want to achieve is best practice in achieving them. Picturise all positive things around you. Picturise like you have already achieved the goal.
  • Actualise : Once you follow these two practice, third one will happen that is actualise. Your dreams come true and you will be actyually what you dreamt for.

~Jyoti Yadav


3 thoughts on “Prayerise, Picturise and Actualise

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  2. I read your work. And I loved it!💐

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you like it.


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