His Struggle…!!!

It was a tough decision…

He has been in tough times…

He has seen up and downs in a small time period of 2 year…

It was tough to leave behind something he had and travel on a path of struggle for something which we wanted to have… for being someone he always dreamed about… for being someone he saw himself in his fantasy…..

Not just to be a suited and booted personality.  For having those responsibilities through which he wants to serve for his nation….

He worked hard… really hard…..

He failed… !!!

There was someone to tell him …don’t give up…!!.

He was weak after failure but he got up… started again a new journey towards his goal…!

He worked hard again….

He got failed again…!!

This time he was shattered. Again there was someone who said “I know you can and you will”. Don’t give up…!!

And the Journey continued……………!!!!!!

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1 thought on “His Struggle…!!!

  1. Keep struggling friend… Never give up…


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