What is the aim of my life?


What is the aim of my life?

Not always but, yes sometime I really do ask this question to myself.

I am on the way to find the answer of this question …!!

Because most of the time I go with the flow of life. I just go where life is taking me. But is that the right direction?

Is it the way I want to go on?

Is this the path I want to travel?

Is this the journey I want to cover?

Is this the destination I want to reach?

Simply, I don’t know. I am not unhappy with what I have but I am also not satisfied with what I have.

I want so much from life but what I want is still in the darkness. Life is moving so fast. Time is speeding itself but goal of my life is still hidden somewhere inside me.

Whenever some say why you don’t do this or that. That will be good for you. That will lead you to growth and success. I always think this is small target; I want something great, really great. But again what is that great, I don’t know…!!!!

I am finding it, trying hard to bring it in light of my thoughts. But my search is not completed till now.

Lots pf people would be thinking that how poor I am, that I don’t have any goal in my life and another negative aspect is that I am sharing it openly with everyone. Yes, I am doing that because I am not at all embarrassed with this truth of mine. Many of us also would be in same situation but won’t accept it openly. I am doing it here; maybe I got any idea for my answer here.

May be I will take some more time. The only thing that scares me is: What if I couldn’t find the true purpose of my life?

What if I regret about my life when I will be towards end of my life…?

I hope before going to the regretting phase… I will find out the answer of my question and that’s my strong belief.


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