Education vs Literacy

Now a days literacy is considered as education. But there is great difference between being educated and literate.

” True purpose of education is to make minds not careers”.

Yes that’s true. Reading books, clearing exams and getting degrees and jobs does not make us educated. That make us literate only.

Being educated means being mature enough to deal with life. Being educated means enlightening our life and others also.

Education gives us the purpose of life. Education is power to understand the facts behind each and every thing that happens.

Education is about distinguished between good and bad. It is about being kind, genuine, honest, understanding, polite, humble, helping and good characterized person.

The power to make a decision for betterment always and use of analytical skills for a good decision taking makes us educated.

“So don’t only be literate… Be Educated..!!”


4 thoughts on “Education vs Literacy

  1. This is the irony…we calculate literacy rate and on the other side the increasing rate of eve teasing, rape and other anti social acclivities always trying to show us that there is nothing to do with literacy.

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