A memorable morning at college

Date : 5 March 2009

It was 10 AM in morning. I was sitting with my friends in college garden. My back was facing the way around the garden. My friend sitting in front of me wished someone loudly “Happiiieeee Holi in advance”.

I don’t know with what in my mind i just turned back to see, to whom my friend wished. And here he was: A tall guy who was wearing black full sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He had long hairs with angry young man looks still very fair in color. he was passing by garden lane. He just whispered back ” Same to you” to my friend.

And that was the moment that guy got printed into my mind as well as heart. The moment was a “DHAK DHAK ” moment for me. The first time someone made such a dark imprint on my heart that i haven’t forgot it till now.

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