Children playing at railway track…..!!!!

A short story that will change your perspective towards taking decision so instantly :

Once upon a time 5 children were playing at a railway track. The track was a busy track on which usually trains used to come. On a parallel but away track another only child was playing. Now train was about to come at first track on which 5 children were playing.

The platform guard noticed that 5 children are playing and train is coming. Time was so limited that he could only change the track for train to second parallel track and save those 5 children’s life. But he saw there is also one child playing on second track.

He thought for a while and changed the track and put the one child into danger for saving life of 5 children.

Now most of us would be thinking that he did right. His decision of putting one life into danger for saving 5 is absolutely correct.

But lets see on the another side of this story, The children who were playing on busy track after knowing that they could be in danger were careless about their life. They made mistake, they didn’t care about their life.

But the child who was playing safe on the track, he must have thought about saving his life. He was playing secure. He was concerned about his life. He was the one who understood the value of life. He was the one who cared about his life. He was the one wanted his life but what guard did he put his life in danger for some careless people.

In same way so many times in life, we look at the majority and put responsible people in danger. We take decision as guard took.

Our decision of doing good for many can make someone in trouble who actually deserves better than others 🙂






5 thoughts on “Children playing at railway track…..!!!!

  1. This is an interesting take on the famous trolley cart problem. I like how you have changed the perspective from the controller of the train to the children on the tracks.

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    1. Well most of the time while taking decision we only see the one side of the story. Another side of story is unseen most of the time. That leads to take us a troubled decision.


      1. This is true. There is very little that is black and white about decisions, especially life-or-death ones. The best we can do is state how we arrive at a particular decision so that others understand/challenge our logic.

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