sUccess is directly proportional to the determination :)

little child pedaling a bicycle on a deserted road

Yes…!!!  Success is directly proportional to the determination. Determination is a state of mind which invokes our inner self towards the attainment of our goal.

Determination is our rigidity to achieve our goal.

Determination is our stubbornness to achieve our goals.

Determination is to feel self-motivated for our goals.

Determination is the strong will power to meet our goals.

Self-determination is psychology, a state of mind which always makes us remind about our aims of life. The sequence of things starts happening with us, if we are in love with our goal.

  • Our conscious and sub conscious mind always tells us that “Be determined, work hard and achieve goals”.
  • We already start loving our upcoming success, as a result we start imagining our self a successful person.
  • Once we fall in love with our goal, we want to achieve as badly as breath.
  • We suffer, we feel pain, we feel neglected but we face everything…!! Why ….???? Just to go till that milestone which really worth all this.
  • Meanwhile all this happen to us. What we need to remember is: DETERMINATION”.
  • The moment we lose determination, it will take abundant courage to start again. May be some people even can’t start again.
  • Determination gives confidence, self-boosting power and fighting spirit against weaknesses.
  • Determination teaches us not to fear by failure because “Failure itself says go head, this is the 1st step towards success. Move until you don’t reach to the final step that is your GOAL”.

“The road of success starts from strong determination which will have many failures on the way but moving constantly without losing enthusiasm is a characteristic of a true victorious”


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