Is it really difficult to be a women…????



It’s not hard to be women. God has created women and men both. But the duties and responsibilities for men and women are decided on this earth.

Now days we talk lot about women empowerment. Women themselves are so concerned about their empowerment.

Women work outside their homes.

Women earn like men do.

Women do business, jobs, fight, social work, art, boxing, playing outdoor games and all.

They are doing excellent in every area where men are doing. Even many women left men behind.

Now this is not only what God has decided as their role and responsibilities. But Yes, God has given such a super power to women that they only can give birth to a child which a man can’t.

Women have such a supreme power because she can do anything a man can do along with bringing a new life into this world which a men can’t do.

I know many of you must be thinking that men are also part of bringing a new life into this world. Yes, very true…..!!!! But power to give birth is only given to women.

Today’s women has been so busy in competing with men that they have forgotten that why God has given this power to them only?

God has given this power to women because they can only make this world a beautiful place to live for their children. They can nurture best their children in every aspect. They can give the best etiquettes and best knowledge. They can create a best foundation for their children’s childhood. Only a woman can make her child a man full of love, respect, sensibility, etiquettes, power and a good characterized person.

May be that’s why God has created women to give birth to a child. But today’s women have somehow forgotten their prime responsibility with which they are born. They are so busy in competing with the world of men.

Why she needs to do so ……??????

When she is already with supreme powers……!!!!

William Golding has said rightly:

I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”


2 thoughts on “Is it really difficult to be a women…????

  1. Hmm! Interesting analysis. Have you given thought to the fact that these women fight for these rights, possibly because society (majorly shepherded by men) would rather she remains oppressed most times and only objectified for the benefits of sex and procreation and she’s tired of it all?

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  2. Yeah You are right. I do agree with you.. But whatever i have analyzed is in context of women who are not suffered in any way but still at the name of modernization, they are forgetting their primary responsibility.
    Specially in specific countries which are still developing.. The issue is more common in these countries. In such countries women have became more concerned about their career and competition while leaving their personal life behind.


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