You say Black is Dark, I say black is Bright.

You say Black is scaring, I say black is daring.

You say black is bad, I say black is good.

You say black is evil, I say black is civil.

Black is dark, that’s why it makes us bright,

Black is dark that’s why we know the light.

Black is bad because we are sad,

Just be happy and see black is glad.

Black is scaring, because we are fearing,

Just be strong and see black is daring.

Black is evil, because inside us is devil,

Adapt the goodness and see black is civil.

Life is a slope, and then black is the hope

Fight hard and then come to the top.

Black is learning, black is a LESSON,

Absorb the struggle and come with PASSION,

Be black because black is a FASHION.

~Jyoti Yadav

Copyright ©Jyoti Yadav. All rights reserved.


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I am a Software Engineer by profession. I am an extrovert person who loves adventure and being happy. I keep myself and people around me motivated.. I believe in myself. I have a good power of expression. People always find me friendly within my limits.

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