Now and Then

Those beautiful days, those sparkling nights…

What used to be so special about them..??

YOU… Yes, you were special about those glittering moments.

When I used to wake up, in hope to see you.

When I used sleep in hope to meet you in my dreams,

When I used to count the days on my fingers, in your absence.

When having a glimpse of you made me on 7th cloud.

Those moments were full of life, joy, emotions and love.

Love… What was that..??

May be… just seeing you, was the best thing… That was love.

No more desire when you used to be in front of me, that was love.

Hidden smiles, secret blushes, untold care, unspoken feelings… That was LOVE.

That WAS Love.. What happened to that Love now..???

Ummmm… Nothing..!!

The only difference in now and then is:

Earlier, I used to see you in my dreams and Now, I see you sleeping next to me every morning.

~Jyoti Yadav

Copyright ©Jyoti Yadav. All rights reserved.


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