Children playing at railway track…..!!!!

A mind changing short story………!!!!


A short story that will change your prospective towards taking decision so instantly :

Once upon a time 5 children were playing at a railway track. The track was a busy track on which usually trains used to come. On a parallel but away track another only child was playing. Now train was about to come at first track on which 5 children were playing.

The platform guard noticed that 5 children are playing and train is coming. Time was so limited that he could only change the track for train to second parallel track and save those 5 children’s life. But he saw there is also one child playing on second track.

He thought for a while and changed the track and put the one child into danger for saving life of 5 children.

Now most of us would be thinking that he did right. His decision of putting one life into…

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