Disappoint them… !!!

A have heard a quote from my mother that now a days people are not sad because of their own problems, they are sad because you are happy. Some People want to see you sad and fail.

Now it becomes your responsibility to disappoint them. Always work hard and achieve your goals. Even if you fail, give it another try. Never ever give up. Keep getting failure untill  you receive SUCCESS. 
And yes… Disappoint them 🙂

– Jyoti Yadav 

Read Books

Read books….!! There we can find everything. Solution for every problem, Knowledge, wisdom, Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration almost everything we can find in books.

Books leads us to the right path.

Everything happens for a reason.

Never ever feel low and sad just because you failed at one point in life because whatever happens, happens for a reason. So, your reason could be that you deserve something better. Just think about this line and start preparing about that better opportunity which you will have soon. 

Whatever has happened thats cant be changed. Sometimes in life we failed, we feel bad and than we get something better. Because God always plan best for us. Our plans can be failed but his plans can’t be.

Always trust God’s plan. 🙂

So next time when you fail, dont be sad. Just be happy becausw you are saved from the something which wasn’t worthy. You are saved from something that could be bad for you. 

Remember, Whatever happens, happens for a reason.
-Jyoti Yadav

​Irony of India # 1 :: Cow protector- Human Murderer

“It is illegal to kill or harm a cow but it is completely fine to kill a human.”
Whosoever flaunt themselves being cow protector, i ask you ” if really you are a cow protector and if really you care about the safety of cows, if really you do worship them than why don’t you keep them at your home..??? Why dont you make a cattle for them? Why dont you feed them??? Why cows are eating polythene?? Why cows are moving with wounds and blood on the roads??? Why cows are eating garbages and blades in them??? Why ..???

Beating another person over disrespecting a cow doesnt make you a cow protector.

If you are really a cow protector than instead of stopping others doing illegal.. you start doing legal.Rather than stopping others to harm cows you start keeping them safe. That’s my sincere advice to all fake and so called “cow protectors”.

One more things you won’t understand the meaning of killing untill unless you won’t lose your loved ones and you keep waiting for them and they won’t come back home because they are killed.That will make you understand what actually KILLINg does mean.

मंज़िल :: Aim of My Life

गुमशुदा सी है मेरी मंज़िल

तलाश उसकी अभी भी ज़ारी है।

मुश्किल ये नही की

मंज़िल छुपी है मुझसे 

मंज़िल बहोत सी है नज़रो के सामने

ओर रास्तों के जंजाल भी भारी है।

मुश्किल ये है कि

किस मंज़िल को चुनु

क्या चाहिये ज़िन्दगी से

कशमकश में है 

दिल और दिमाग भी

पर फिर भी मंज़िल को पाने की

लग गई इनको बीमारी है।

एक इशारा तो मिले

मेरी मंज़िल का

अभी न कोई निशान है

ना कोई पहचान है

हर तरफ एक धुंधली सी चित्रकारी है।

फकत  मैं ही नही परेशान

अपनी मंज़िल को लेकर

मेरे साथ इसे खोजने में

लगी कायनात सारी है।

गुमशुदा सी है मेरी मंज़िल

तलाश उसकी अभी भी जारी है।

-Jyoti Yadav