No Expectation No Disappointment


“No Expectation

No Disappointment”

Have read and heard above quotation number of times from number of people.  But in practical situation is it possible..???

I guess… No..!!

Today I will not be taking full coverage of this topic. I will be just talking about a small portion of Expectation vs Disappointment.  I will be covering the expectation of parents and disappointment from children. I won’t be writing about the kids and young parents, I will be writing about young children and old parents.

When I say young children that means they are mature enough to take decisions. They are mature enough for understand every aspects of relation.  They are mature enough to deal with critical situations in home.

When I say old parents that means who are in 3rd phase of their life. They have done all for your born and brought up. They have nurtured you in the…

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