मुद्दतें : A long time


This quote defines the captivity of a person with life. We are so deeply engaged in our day today activities that we forget to look after our loved ones. We stop caring about small things which they do for us. We stop praising them. We are so much lost with life that we gradually change ourselves.

इस कदर मशरूफ हो गए हम ज़िन्दगी की भाग दौड़ में,
उनकी इनायतों का शुक्रिया अदा किये मुद्दतें हो गयी।

Life has captivated me so badly,
I haven’t praised your efforts in so long.

                                                                                                    ~Jyoti Yadav

Copyright ©Jyoti Yadav. All rights reserved.

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