Purpose Of My Life

I have heard most of the successful people achieve the greatest height in there 20’s.

And I am still struggling with the purpose of my life.

Inspite of having a Decent Job, handsome salary, loving family, Good reputation, I don’t feel complete and peaceful. I feel like chasing something which is still unknown to me. I don’t know what is that? I am still looking for purpose of my life. I feel stressed, I feel low because in the age, where people have done remarkable things I am still finding my passion.

Does it means I don’t have any serious passion to do? I can’t have high dreams and capability of fulfill them. I am still struggling with these thoughts. I am still searching for purpose of my life.


9 thoughts on “Purpose Of My Life

  1. Yua not the only one dear. Yu just need to have faith. Have faith in th universe and it will show you when the time comes.✌

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    1. I am eagerly waiting for that time to come 😦


      1. Smtyms its just too tough to hold on to it and keep waiting. In the mean time yu can switch yuaself to something else and not think abt it. Smday, all of a sudden, yu will find it. And that my friend will surprise yu….


  2. In my view, purpose of attaining big achievements are ultimately to be happy. So pursuit of happiness is that biggest achievement.

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    1. Yes.. You are right. But i am not happy. I am searching for my happiness.

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      1. In Steve Jobs words, don’t get settled, until you get the purpose.

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      2. That’s what… Without purpose… I don’t feel settled.

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  3. Keep searching because you will find it than you will stop


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