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Quote # 3

Frozen blood in my veins start melting with the heat of my passion.

~Jyoti Yadav


Dear Wife, My Last wish…….


Dear Wife,My life, my love is all yours,I will gonna love you forever.I wanna tell you that you are a bliss,But still, i must tell you that i have a wish.When i die, burry me in backyard of our home,Don't burn me with the traditional norms.I know, on this, you would be about to cry,But look at stars i will be in the sky.Get me buried there, this have a reason,Because i will always be with you every season.Because i wanna be alive till my last breath,Because i wanna be alive even after my death.When you will grow plants in backyard,In every flower, i will be smiling at you like a guard.When you walk barefoot on grass,You will feel me with every footstep pass.When winds will blow,You will smell me with the…

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