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My Word:: My Blood

I am a writer.
Beauty of writing is that
It makes me a fighter.
I have a pen and paper
My words doesn’t need any shaper .
The words, the emotions
Poured down on paper
These are not thoughts
Dripping from my mind.
The feeling and expression
Are always not kind.
My journal is full
of anxious flood.
Every word written over there
Is my purest blood.

~Jyoti Yadav






The calm trees

The sleeping grass

The chirping birds

The musical winds

The magnetic paths

The dancing river

The eyes can’t get better

View than this.

The mind can’t get nothing

More peaceful than this.

The soul can’t get more

Freedom than this.

The brain can’t meditate

Better than this.


~Jyoti  Yadav

Children playing at railway track…..!!!!

A mind changing short story………!!!!


A short story that will change your prospective towards taking decision so instantly :

Once upon a time 5 children were playing at a railway track. The track was a busy track on which usually trains used to come. On a parallel but away track another only child was playing. Now train was about to come at first track on which 5 children were playing.

The platform guard noticed that 5 children are playing and train is coming. Time was so limited that he could only change the track for train to second parallel track and save those 5 children’s life. But he saw there is also one child playing on second track.

He thought for a while and changed the track and put the one child into danger for saving life of 5 children.

Now most of us would be thinking that he did right. His decision of putting one life into…

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On That Day…..

On that grand day

I’ll be at the top of sky

I’ll be happiest than ever

I’ll fly out of my body

You’ll see  new ME

I promise, As I said

For the very first time

I will drink wine

With you

On that day

I will live my life fullest

For the very first time

On that day my dream

Will be fulfilled

On that day my life

Will be fulfilled.


~Jyoti Yadav