​Irony of India # 1 :: Cow protector- Human Murderer

“It is illegal to kill or harm a cow but it is completely fine to kill a human.”
Whosoever flaunt themselves being cow protector, i ask you ” if really you are a cow protector and if really you care about the safety of cows, if really you do worship them than why don’t you keep them at your home..??? Why dont you make a cattle for them? Why dont you feed them??? Why cows are eating polythene?? Why cows are moving with wounds and blood on the roads??? Why cows are eating garbages and blades in them??? Why ..???

Beating another person over disrespecting a cow doesnt make you a cow protector.

If you are really a cow protector than instead of stopping others doing illegal.. you start doing legal.Rather than stopping others to harm cows you start keeping them safe. That’s my sincere advice to all fake and so called “cow protectors”.

One more things you won’t understand the meaning of killing untill unless you won’t lose your loved ones and you keep waiting for them and they won’t come back home because they are killed.That will make you understand what actually KILLINg does mean.


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