Smartest Person In The Room

Everyone will have different understanding by this quote. Today i will share my understanding about this quote. Today morning i just read this quote and i felt like i have learnt something unique from this quotation.

”  If you are the smartest person in the room that means everyone else in the room is going to learn many things from you. They might follow you, they might try to match up with your smartness but there is no scope for your improvement. There is no scope of your learning. Scope is finished for your growth. I strongly believe that everyone should always keep growing with each day of their life. We should be a better person with each passing day. Once you be in a room where everyone is your follower but you don’t have anyone to inspire you that means you are in wrong room. That simply means you are in a zone where your improvement is stopped“.

Thanks for reading :).

-Jyoti Yadav


2 thoughts on “Smartest Person In The Room

  1. Wow what a beauty
    Meaning which u explained is too good😇 its basically keep learning ☺ in love with u post😍


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