When we say word ” Prayer”, we think of God. We think of a unseen power which we feel everytime around us. Thats why everytime in danger situation, we remember God. 
Why prayers are important…???

Doing prayer doesn’t necessarily mean that God is listening us but it simply means that we are listening ourselves. Our heart, brain and soul is listening us. We exactly tell in our prayers what we want in life and what we ask for? Now this is when our subconscious mind understand our desires and our intensity with which we crave for something in prayer. 

Then our mind, our soul make us more passionate and sincere towards which we were asking for in prayers. We do more hard work on it and our tedency to achieve that thing increases.

Thats how prayer works. That’s why we have heard many times that”God help those who help themselves”. May he thats why it is true.

Thats my opinion about prayer. I hope you all will write about yours 

Thanks 🙂
-Jyoti Yadav


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