Good to bad habbit : Punctuality

Punctuality is the one of the most important behavioral trait of any person. There are always some good habits which makes us a   sensible and mature human being. Punctuality is one of them. If we are punctual to the time then we are making our first impression very good.
And first impression always works :).

But my this good habbit has been changed to bad habbit. Earlier I was really punctual about my meetings, appointments, calls, classes, exams everywhere.

Now a days I have come into habbit of being late everywhere. Even if I have sufficient time to get ready, to wrap up things. Still I take it easy and don’t fasten up my work. Intentionally I do things delay. Then I regret about it later. I had time, why didn’t I finish on time. Why I didn’t walk out on time and so on….

You must be thinking why I am writing my bad habbit here. There is a reason because I disclose my weakness to people I make them my strengths. Similarly, I am trying to do same.

I am trying to take a resolution that I will always follow timings. I will always be on time. I will always be punctual.

I hope it works. I hope I get my good habbit of punctuality back. 🙂


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