His duties, Her Expectations

She was shivering due to high temperature. She had fever from last two days. She wanted him badly. She loves care and pampering whenever she isn’t well. She would love to be ill if he is beside her to take care of her. Although she was in state of subconscious due to high fever, she was waiting for him from last two days. He hasn’t came home from last two days. How could she expect  to get pampered.
Laying on the soft bed, resting her neck on the soft pillow. Her tears were flowing from her eyes and pillow was there to absorb them.  Her eyes with tears, her lips open and dry. Her body very weak and thin.
She was all alone in a large and luxurious room with loneliness. She was weak. She was alone. Only home care taker were there to take care of her but she doesn’t want them. She wants him.
She hated his job for the time. She was cursing his work and hectic schedule.
She was lost in her thoughts. Thoughts were dripping from his brain. She was questioning whether he loves her or not?

Why he is not concerned about her. Why he is away?? Why his duties are more important to him than her.

While she was lost in her thoughts and questions, door was pushed silently.

He entered with silent steps in the room.

The moment she saw him entering the room she sobbed hard and couldn’t utter any complaint for not being there with her.

He moved fast towards her seeing her in tears. He directly came to the her with her arms open to hug her. He hugged her softly in his arms.

She wrapped her arms around him. She was already in temperature but still she could feel the warmth of his hug. They hugged each other for quite long.

Then he went sightly back to see her. She was pink her extremely fare cheeks were blushing pink due to fever and somewhat due to tears.

Now she was ready with her complaints. She asked him why he didn’t come earlier she was missing him. As usual his answer was WORK.
Meanwhile care taker entered the room with dinner. He asked to her “what did she eat in day time”? Before she could reply, care taker said” she hasn’t taken anything since morning “. He showing his big eyes to her ” You dumb girl, why you do so “.
She smiled at him. He took dinner to the bed and made all arrangements to have dinner with her.

They both had dinner together and he made sure she had it well.

He asked her for medicines. She quietly told him and he took out all the medicine for the time. She made face over it.

But he gave her all the medicine.

He helped her in laying on the bed and he himself lay on beside her. He shifted to his left side so that he can see her face. He placed his hand on her forehead. He was pampering her in every way she wanted.
They kept quite for some time. Then he said ” you must be feeling sleepy. You should go to sleep.”

She replied”  Yes i want to sleep in your arms whole night and please don’t leave me alone. Don’t go anywhere. I wanna see you in morning beside me .”

He offered his shoulder to her and she kept her head to his shoulder and closed her eyes.

In few minutes only she was in deep sleep. He was also tired from last two days hectic schedule. So he wanna sleep.

Suddenly his phone vibrated. He picked it up as soon as he could. He made it sure that her sleep shouldn’t disturbed with phone vibration.

Number displayed on the screen phone was from office. He received the call.

There was voice from another side “Officer Shiv, Commissioner of Crime branch wants to meet for the further progression of our task. Its urgent, Come to office”.

For a moment he hated it because he would have to leave her.
Next moment he shifted her head to the pillow from his shoulder and silently kissed her forehead and felt sorry for leaving her alone.

He moved out of the room and silently closed the door .

He went to care taker and  asked her to take care of her and in case of any urgency call him.

He picked up his car’s key and went to the mission.
Again he proved he loves his patriotism and his country more than her.

– Jyoti Yadav


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