Someone was there

It was 10.30 in night. She was tired by the hectic schedule. She wanted to sleep. She wanted him to be with her but she knew that he won’t be able to read his book if he stayed back with her in same room.

She gave him and good night hug and he went to his study room. He replied with a good night kiss and promised to come back soon after finishing his work.  Now she was all ready to sleep alone in her bed room. She made her bed properly and switched off the lights.

She took her side on the bed and left another for him. She prefers to sleep on right side of the bed. After lying down on the bed she was in some deep thoughts collected from the hectic schedule. Meanwhile she was looking at the dim lights in the hall and lobby. She could see the hall’s door closed. She could imagine him reading a book in study room which is outside the hall area.

Lost in all her thoughts, she herself didn’t know when she fell asleep. She was sleeping peacefully. Assuming one and half hour passed, she felt his soft touch on her head. She could feel his long fingers running through her hairs. She had a cute and satisfied smile on her face. She was feeling everything with her eyes closed. She knew that he has come after finishing his work. She kept her eyes closed and tried to feel his warmth. She could feel his shoulder under her head. This is best place where she sleeps peacefully. His fingers were still running and playing with her hairs and cheeks. He called her name in a soft voice. She being lazy and sleepy didn’t reply. He again called her name. Now she opened her lips to reply him.

Her heart replied “Yes Sweetheart” But her lips didn’t reply. She then made a try to reply with her lips. But she couldn’t speak. She had her eyes closed. Again she tried to speak. But she couldn’t. It felt her like someone else was controlling her movements. She felt scared. She tried to part her lips so that she can utter some words. But she failed. Then she thought of opening her eyes and watching what’s going on around her. Who is controlling her and why she is unable to speak.

She tried opening her eyes, like her lips she couldn’t open them. She gave two more trials but she was unable to speak, see and move. She was completely in consciousness. She could feel that she is alive. She is lying on bed. She could feel and sense everything but couldn’t understand what is happening with her. She was scared. She was shivering from fear.

Finally she gathered all her courage, she held her breath for few seconds and she pushed herself to her highest limits to open her eyes. With all her force she opened her eyes and turned to her left side to see if he was there on the bed. Her eyes were wide open and mouth couldn’t gasp air because nobody was there. She was all alone in the darkness of the room.

~Jyoti Yadav

Copyright ©Jyoti Yadav. All rights reserved.


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