I am a strong woman

She is a strong woman or a weak woman?  May times this question come to her mind? But real answer she rarely find. She is strong. She does pretend strong. She stays strong. She communicates strong. She is the strength of others. She motivates other. She helps others. She makes them laugh. She supports them.

Yes, she does everything for others whatever she could do for them. She feels strong. They feel she is strong lady. But actually is she..??

If the question is about being strong for others, she does it very well. But when similar situation of troubles, hurdles, up and downs comes to her, why she feels no stronger..? Why she feels low..?  Why she feels demotivate? Why she cries in alone?

Yes, she cries in alone and she doesn’t tell reason to anyone. She doesn’t want anyone to see her crying because they think she is strong woman. If they see her crying, what they will think about her? And that’s why she does it in alone.

A woman who has been strength of other, See cries in alone. So that nobody sees her and thinks that she is weak. But she knows inside that she isn’t strong anymore.

She is still in dilemma whether she is a strong woman or a weak woman..???


Can you answer her dilemma…??????


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