Have a good day…!!

Have a good day… Almost everyday we listen this sentence. But have we ever thought how can we make our day good..???

Well, i will be writing about my philosophy on same. We make our day good or bad by ourselves. We are partially responsible for our good or bad day. I always believe in following two things for making my day good or bad.

1. Always wake-up in morning with energetic feeling and a smile on your face. This will give you positive feelings and attitude. It symbolized that you will face all the hurdles of your day with a positive attitude and smiling face.

Suggestion : Never fight with anyone in morning. Many times it happens that we indulge in a argument with our family in morning. Even if another person starts arguments then try to avoid it. This can make your day better as well as others also.
2. Never sleep with bad or ill feelings in night. Make sure before you go to the sleep, you must sort out your issues with your loved ones. This will reduce your mental stress and you would be able to sleep peacefully.

Suggestion: Most of the time we fight with our loved ones in night because this is the time when we are Highly frustrated and we find someone who can bear our frustration from whole day. If something happens like that with you then try to sort out everything before you go to the sleep. This will reduce burden from your heart as well as mind. You will have a nice sleep in night.
So, i wish everyone a GOOD day… !!!
                                                                                                                                       -Jyoti Yadav


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